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Updated Basketball Rules

Game Specific Rules


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Also, make sure you are referencing the latest revision of the schedule.

Each schedule has a date in the lower left hand corner of every page.

The date in the schedule should match the rev date listed after the schedule links below.


Score reporting procedure:

One person from each host gym should be assigned to report the scores using this MICROSOFT EXCEL form:


Score Reporting Form


Download the Excel file to your computer.

Click on your School Tab Name on the bottom of the form.

Fill in the scores using Microsoft Excel and save the file to your computer.

Send an email to me (cheriromanowich@gmail.com) with the filled in Excel file attached.

In order to make this all work, scores must be reported ASAP as games are played.

Thanks for your cooperation.



Boy’s Standings      Girl’s Standings


If you find any errors in the scores, please contact me asap.


5th Grade Girl’s BB Schedules        Results


5th Grade Boy’s BB Schedules        Results



6th Grade Girl’s BB Schedules        Results


6th Grade Boy’s BB Schedules        Results



7th Grade Boy’s BB Schedules        Results


7th Grade Girl’s BB Schedules        Results



8th Grade Girl’s BB Schedules        Results


8th Grade Boy’s BB Schedules        Results


Master Gym Schedule

Once the Master Gym Schedule is open,

click on BOOKMARK tab in upper left hand corner

to quickly access the gym schedule you are interested in.



Please be sure to check your team record and report any errors to me ASAP!


A representative from the home gym should report scores each week as games are played using the following Excel files.

As the scores are reported, the files below will be updated so you can view the scores as soon as they are reported by the gyms.

The RESULTS and STANDINGS links above will then be updated once a week.




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As the season unfolds, please report any errors to me at cheriromanowich@gmail.com